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Get Smart, Get Fast.
One on One
Individualized instruction designed to deliver maximum results.
Small Groups
Small groups of 3-4 members, organized by skill level. Plans are based on group progression.
Track Club
Designed for those looking to begin or continue improving their acceleration and sprint technique

“My coaches told me to run, Christian is teaching me to sprint”



You can improve. We want to teach you how.

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how we work?

Warm up
This is where we meet, shake hands, get to know each other. We’ll determine how we can best work together for your success.
On your mark
This is the assessment phase. Here, we’ll discover your needs and goals. The assessment provides a starting point, and a baseline to measure your progress.
Get Set
Choose private instruction or classes and enroll. Instruction runs on a semester basis for best results. Consistancy regularly provides the most significant improvements, and semester enrollment ensures your success! Return to your sport, stronger, smarter, faster.
Whatever sport you play, you’re in season now. Stronger, smarter, faster. This time belongs to you and your coach. We continue to offer support and assistance to our athletes, but it is our policy not to interfere with in-season training.
Cool down
Your season is finished, congratulations! We’ll follow up with re-testing and assessments to see how far you’ve come, and set new goals. Follow-ups are also performed at the end of each semester.
New goals + new development = higher achievements. You’ve reached your previous goals, but we don’t stop there. We’ll build on your progress and keep moving forward.
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